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Pigeons Out!

 Performance, video documentation: 06'40"


In this satirical and darkly humorous performance piece, the artist adopts the persona of a documentary host, exploring the intertwined histories of humans and pigeons. Filming a mockumentary, she delves into the absurd parallels between the lives of pigeons and migrants, uncovering how both groups are marginalised and excluded by society.


As the filming progresses, the artist, an Asian in German society, begins to see her own experiences as being “the othered" reflected in the plight of pigeons. Through her comedic performance and playful comparisons, she highlights the injustices and absurdities both she and the pigeons endure. 


Set against the backdrop of rising anti-immigrant policies and right-wing extremism in contemporary Germany, this work not only underscores the artist's personal struggles but also draws striking parallels to the broader experiences of migrants, illustrating how both are subjected to societal rejection and alienation, offering a sharp critique on migration politics and racism.

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